Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The two fastest re-styles ever!

I’m not entirely sure if I can actually call these two things re-styles as I have only changed very minor things. But sometimes it’s the small things that can make all the difference, right?

Both involve clothes for Isabelle purchased at the op –shop in the last week or two and altered very slightly (in front of the TV – my ideal craft project).


No before photos sorry, but I’m sure you can use your imagination for this one. Its just basically a beautifully hand – knitted blue jersey that had hardly (if ever) been worn.

I made it a bit more feminine by adding a little blue flower heart which I ironed onto interfacing and stem stitched (not that neatly) on.

The second one is a bit nautical. I know (sigh), I just can’t help myself!

The before pic is first


Spot the difference?

Yep, big buttons – I felt that the original was looking a little tired and the new buttons really seem to freshen it up. (I had actually bought the buttons to possibly use for the skirts I am working on for myself – but changed my mind.)


This little dress is size 2 so Isabelle wont be in it until next Summer. And yes I am a little hard out organised … but I can’t help it…


Wouldn’t you just want to give this face the world too?

Jen x

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

When small things amuse

As the saying goes “small things amuse small minds.” Taken at face value if this is true, then I must have a very small mind indeed!

To illustrate my point, my last couple of posts have been about my daughter's 'seagull noise' and my love of the nautical theme. Also the ‘tag line’ under the header of my blog says: “Celebrating the extra – ordinary in the seemingly ordinary things in life.”

Here are some more ‘small’ things that are amusing me at the moment:

  • Isabelle owns a doll (“Plumpee” according to the tag, and also amusing) that has a life time guarantee. I find this amusing.

washing and vids 028washing and vids 029

According to the manufacturer’s website they will either replace or repair the doll, depending on the extent of her “injury.”

This raises many questions such as: whose lifetime – mine or Isabelles? And what about general wear and tear – is this counted as an ‘injury’ … or is the guarantee governed by similar rules to ACC? I am also quite tempted to email the company and ask whether the guarantee covers emotional injuries suffered to the doll’s self esteem for bearing the name “Plumpee.” But don’t worry, I don’t quite have that much time on my hands.

Poor old Donald Duck is also on the line because Noah seemed to think he might want a swim in the toilet. Or perhaps there is some confusion between toilet duck ( as in the cleaning product) and Donald. I’m not sure … but at any rate I also find this amusing.

  • I noticed yesterday that the tin of sweetened condensed milk has a label that reads: “Not a complete milk food for infants.” This is another ‘small thing’ that amuses me.

I have seen it before on bottles of milk and other milk products, but condensed milk? Really? I guess that foils my plan to stop breastfeeding Isabelle and replacing her feeds with spoon fulls of condensed milk!

  • I bought the kids snow suits at the op-shop today (I’ve been trying to avoid the shops recently as am saving for something else – but I saw them in the window.) They are perfect sizes for next Winter. The irony is not lost on me that we have just had the cold snap and now we have lovely weather. But I just couldn’t pass them up.


Snow suits are one of the things that I have had on a mental list that I would buy if I saw them in the op shop. That and a Crown Lynn swan (at the right price of course).

  • Also while on out town excursion today we saw the Rugby World Cup Official Mascot. He probably has a proper name but he’s basically a man in a rugby ball costume. However, Noah decided he was an egg and yelled (very loudly) and pointed (very excitedly).

Perhaps this had something to do with the fact that we had eaten eggs for breakfast. This was another thing that I found amusing!


So as you can see, I am amused by many small things on an almost daily basis, so does this mean that I have therefore have a small mind?

I think the phrase is talking more about if you only think about small (as in petty or trivial) things with little or no concern for bigger issues … and have a selfish attitude.

Instead I think being amused by the little things (as well as obviously considering the bigger things) is a sign of contentment.

Lets be honest, there are things about being a stay- at –home Mum that are often considered mundane (not to be confused with not being busy.) Its pretty hard to argue that the continuous feeding, changing etc routine associated with having babies is not in the least bit monotonous. But many would agree that this is totally out-weighed by all those precious ‘seemingly little’ moments.

So although the life of a stay-at-home may not be as glamorous as having an important job or jet- setting all over the world (not saying there is anything wrong with those things… they are just different seasons of ones life), it still can be pretty amazing – especially when we remember to celebrate the extra- ordinary in the seemingly ordinary things …

And on that note here are couple of other ‘extra- ordinary in the ordinary’ highlights of my week so far:

003washing and vids 012


An almost walker (?), and an almost continuous glasses wearer !!!

Have a great rest of your week!

Jen x

Monday, 29 August 2011

List of the week : Nauticulous–ness

Things are becoming a little bit nauticulous round here.

You see what I did there? I combined the words nautical and ridiculous. Clever, I know.

I have always really loved the nautical theme. Its fresh, summery and classic / timeless. Yet it can be overdone – don’t worry I haven’t decked out my house in lots of boats in bottles, miniature light houses, ropes and anchors yet. Not that there is anything wrong with that. It can look great in a little boys room or a bach. If I had a bach it would definitely be pretty nauticulous!

I just am a sucker for nautical inspired Summer clothing, and mostly nothing too literal. Just a bit of blue and white stripes, a pop of red and a little bit of yellow every now and then – with the occasional anchor or rope thrown in for good measure.

So here is a window into my nauticulous –ness of the moment. Kind of a pictorial list (really just a collection of photos – but we’ll call it a list.) …

1) Nautical me :


Excuse the bad photo and mess in the background – I’m definitely not a master of the self taken photo


My attempt at taking an ‘arty’ photo

2) A nautical baby



3) Nautical Noah



… and some of his nautical clothing

4) Some Nautical Accessories



… including footwear (of all sizes)

5) Nautical fabric (and a project)



6) Nautical patterns



How is this baby not uncomfortable on these rocks? (That must be one very comfy nautical blanket!)

7) Where I need to be right now

… That’s it! Now I’m going to go sail off into the sunset hang out the washing!

Jen x

Sunday, 28 August 2011

My Little Seagull

… No, not that kind of seagull!

I’m talking about my little Isabelle – who does what we have come to call, ‘her seagull noise.’ The noise I mentioned in the 'dear Isabelle' page that I really needed to record to share at her 21st. Done! Over the weekend we managed to get some footage of the noise, and I thought I’d share it with you.

At this point, Andrew wanted me to clarify what kind of sea gull I was referring to. The following is a quote from him: “ Its not just any seagull noise, its the fish and chip seagull. You know the one that scares all the other birds off with that noise, and wants all your fish and chips. The ‘mother bird’ , the leader of the pack.”

Those are his words not mine.

Now that the scene is properly set here is the ‘Isa – Gull” :



So there you have it.

Sorry about the bad quality (it was filmed at night), terrible camera work, and the rugby playing in the background. We do have a better clip, but unfortunately ‘someone’ was yelling at Zac Guilford in the background so I decided not to use it.

washing and vids 006

This next bit off information I’m not entirely sure what to do with. While searching on Google images for pictures of gulls I stumbled across an image which both grossed me out yet strangely mesmerised and amazed me.

I know this is going to take this post in a completely different direction, and likely take the focus of Isabelle. But if this little guy is going to make this much effort to eat a starfish, then I say he deserves his 15 minutes of fame …

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Hello Sunshine!

We have had some glorious weather these last few days. Its been perfect weather for backyard picnics (said nic-nics), washing the sheets, and general outdoorsy - ness.

Cue sunny day photo montage …

aug11 005019







aug11 021


aug11 019024

aug11 009aug11 007

aug11 010aug11 013009


It was warm enough to wear shorts although Noah was insistent on still wearing his gumboots. A very interesting fashion statement especially when there is no gap between the end of your shorts and the start of your boots (as seen in the rugby shots above – did you notice my little future Dan Carter?)

In other news… We had Plunket today and Isabelle now weighs 7.1 kg (petite but perfect), Noah has been wearing his glasses more often than not (yay!) and … he did a wee in the potty last night. I was so shocked I almost did a mini victory dance in the bathroom to celebrate. You will understand why I’m so excited if you’ve read this. Lets home this a sign of things to come!

Have a great weekend!

Jen x

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Ta da!

Remember this?

sewing etc 001

Well I’ve been busy these last few days sanding, priming and painting… with the end result being this :

drawers 009

drawers 011drawers 012

drawers 014

drawers 032

drawers 025

I’m super happy with the result. There are some areas where my paint job is not perfect, but I’m choosing to overlook these. The drawers really suit the rest of Isabelle’s room – and just because I feel like it (and am pretty proud of how her room looks) I thought I’d show you some more…

drawers 027drawers 017drawers 019drawers 030



Can you tell I love having a little girl?

drawers 002

Have a good day!

Jen x