Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday : Remix #5

Today is the final Wednesday in May and therefore the final instalment of Wardrobe Wednesday - Remix Edition (where we were challenged to take one item and wear it 5 different ways). I’ve really enjoyed it.

Today I’ve been experimenting with pattern mixing (and also trying to stay warm! – It was frosssty this morning!)


We’ve been out most of the day, having just got home. This morning we went out for breakfast with Nana, then visited the local Fire Station with Noah’s preschool and then went to a friend’s place for muffins and a cuppa.

Since we’ve got home I’ve brought in the washing, taken out the rubbish and snapped off my WW photos – priorities huh?

I’m wearing – dress/ tunic (that I’ve remixed each week): Principals, grey merino (underneath): glassons, grey belted blazer/ coat: Jaqui E, scarf: Dottie (birthday gift), jeggings: Postie Plus, boots: shoe connection (birthday gift a few years back), bag: from Hope and Glory (birthday gift from my Dad)*


At the Fire Station Noah had a ball, he got to ride up front in one of the fire engines, although I think Nana (my Mum) had even more fun – see that last photo – the look on the fireman’s face is priceless!

I have to confess (with some embarrassment) that when they asked for an adult volunteer to dress in the fireman’s gear the thought crossed my mind that it would be a pretty awesome remix for WW… but my friend Tamara ended up doing it and looked pretty awesome in the suit!

And just to add even more photos to this already packed post – here is how I have styled this dress over the last  weeks:


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Jen x

* P.S. Thanks to all of you who consoled me on my lost bag – but I have good news! It has turned up! (Turns out the courier delivered it to my neighbours!?!) I love it – It’s perfect for carrying all my bits and bobs plus nappies etc. If you want your own see the link in outfit breakdown.


Sunday, 27 May 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Last week I discovered that Laura from HOOTNZ had awarded me a Liebster Blog Award. Thanks so much! (I haven’t received a blog award before so I felt a little bit spesh!)

After a bit of googling I discovered that Liebster means something like ‘beloved’ in German and its for showing off bloggers with 200 or less followers and giving your readers an insight to other great blogs.

Once recieving the award the bloggers must* then pass on the love to 5 other bloggers that they love to read.

Here's the rules:

1. Thank your award presenter on your blog and link back to him/her

2. Copy and paste the award to your blog

3. Present the Liebster Award to 5 blogs that you think deserve to be recognized

4. Let them know by leaving a comment on their blog

5. Have faith that your follower will spread the love too!

*(As you can see I’m scrapping that last ‘rule’… if my recipients want to pass the love on they can, and if not they don’t have too – otherwise it’s a bit like those stupid chain letters people used to send round when I was in high school!)

Any way, here are are my 5 recipients:

1. Days of Our Lives – This is the blog of my ‘real life’ friend Anna, although we originally met through blog connections. (It’s a long story … basically, I commented on someone else’s blog that linked to Anna’s, that her son had befriended my son on his first day of kindy. Then she sent me the loveliest email listing reasons she believed we would be good friends; we have friends in common, have the same favourite bible verses, and I restyled her daughter's dress which I’d found at the op shop, amongst other things… isn’t it a small world?)

Her blog is lovely Anna writes honestly from the heart and sometimes about some quite difficult things. She is a clever crafty lady and you can also see from her blog how much she loves her gorgeous family.

2. Striking Keys If I’m ever in need of a bit of a laugh, Angela’s blog Striking Keys is sure to give it to me. For those that know me well, you will know that I never use the acronym “LOL” unless I have actually laughed out loud… and I have to see that often when I read SK I do! It’s hard to separate out one post in particular, but this is probably my fave, and a decent amount of LOL-ling occurs every time I read it.

As well as being hilarious and an all round great writer, Angela is awesome at seeing the bright side/ silver lining and has some pretty adorable kiddies.

3. Little Poppa – Tammi of Little Poppa was one of my first followers (who wasn’t my Mum) who left encouraging comments in those early days. Her blog is a relaxing place filled craft and where the love of her gorgeous family is evident. I also admire Tammi’s strength of character shown by her for taking a break from blogland when necessary… but I’m so glad she’s back!

4. Sailor Spy – I’m cheating here really because Laura from HOOTNZ who bestowed this award on me, also chose Nin’s other blog The Wardrobe, which I also love… so I thought I’d get around it by awarding it to the blog for Nin’s fashion label Sailor Spy (from Christchurch, NZ)! Nin hosts Wardrobe Wednesday on Sailor Spy, which I love being part of and I really like the Sailor Spy philosophy

“The Sailor Spy women has her own style - she isn't about fads or disposable fashion, she buys pieces that flatter her figure and suit her lifestyle and give more than a season of faithful service. She looks for pieces that have unique or intriguing elements of design - expressing the fact that she is extraordinary.”

… and the clothes… and especially this scallop clutch.

5. This is my Happy Place – I have only just started following Mollie’s blog and this is because she has only just started blogging, but it is a very happy place to visit. Mollie loves vintage things, craft and is another ‘real life’ friend too (we go to the same church.) Also Mollie is only 13, which makes her crafty projects and blog all the more awesome. I especially love the shoelace snapshots from this post and can’t wait to try out the cushion tutorial (from an old button up shirt) posted here.

Gosh I really have written an essay, haven’t I? But make sure you check out these blogs, you wont be sorry!

Jenny x

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Owls, spots and stripes

After getting the hang of sewing knits using my overlocker during the Kids Clothing Week Challenge, I decided to put my Spoonflower order* to good use, making more clothes for the kids using this and other knit fabrics.

The result:


When I saying for the kids, I really mean sewing for Isabelle – although I do plan to make Noah some owl tops (plus he keeps asking me for one). But first I have to draft a raglan tee pattern.

As you can see from the top photo the owl fabric on the little leggings has faded a bit, I made these about a week ago and they have been washed twice already, with a noticeable fade the first time, I hope they don’t fade any further.


Here’s the pants on my little model soon after I finished them. Brushing her teeth is pretty much her favourite pastime.

The pattern and tutorial I used is from here. I had to take about 5cm off the bottom and use a bigger seam allowance to get them the right size for Isabelle, but all in all I love the pattern – it’s such a great way to make a feature fabric go a long way.

The envelope tee pattern is from my Growing up Sew Liberated book.

Joining in with my creative space.

Jen x

(* Just to clarify (as I have been asked) I didn’t design the spoonflower fabric that I purchased, these are others designs, although I hope to do that in the future.)

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday : Remix #4


This is what I wore on Monday. It was an extremely short “photo shoot” as I realised just as the self timer snapped the third photo that my neighbour was watching me curiously over the fence. The result was the following photo:


See the look of embarrassment on my face? And just the beginning of me starting to walk forward to grab my camera and run inside? he he!

Outfit breakdown: Dress – Principals, grey merino top underneath – glassons, Grey cardi – thrifted (cotton on), teal belt – thrifted, jeans – Levis, boots – shoe connection (a birthday pressie a couple of years ago).

And just in case you’ve forgotten – here is how I’ve remixed this dress over the past four weeks. (Click on each photo below to be taken to the related post.)


To see what other lovely ladies are wearing go here:

Friday, 18 May 2012

Good and bad mail

Today was an interesting day for mail, mostly good – actually great.

I received a box of macaroons in the post from my sister


These are delectable. Thanks so much Holly!


My Spoonflower order arrived


I got a darling water colour of Noah’s knees – thanks to the very clever Dee and Noah for having award winning knees.


Also in my letter box was a jury summons. Not terrible mail and it is an important service, BUT this is my THIRD summons. I served once as a law student and found in interesting to my studies, the second time I was unable to do it/ had an exemption due to my job and now I’m hoping to be able to get out of it, due to having young children in my care.

This is not the ‘bad mail’. Today I was informed by Courier post that the parcel (birthday present) I was eagerly awaiting from my Dad is lost suspected stolen. So despite all this lovely mail (and a jury summons) I’m left with a bad taste in my mouth… perhaps it’s time that I went off and had another macaroon! Did I mention how delightful they are?

Jen x

Thursday, 17 May 2012

My Creative Space : Quilt blocks and a necklace

My mother-in-law encouraged me to join in with a quilt club hosted by Cherry Pie Bernina (Levin) – for some reason that link isn’t working at the time of writing this.

Basically you pick a colour theme and and then get 1 block at a time with instructions and hints on how to put it together. I was a bit late to start as I was busy with the Kid’s Clothing Week Challenge. I’m really enjoying trying some different quilt styles and techniques.


hmmm … I did iron them I promise!


… I blame these little curious hands!


I’ve just about caught up, just about to start my third block – a twin star.

In other crafting endeavours, I was asked how I made my necklace I was wearing in yesterday's Wardrobe Wednesday post.


It’s pretty simple really, I just got a long strip of fabric which I folded in half right sides together, sewed down the long raw edge and one end and then turned it in the right way. Then I tied knots and put beads inside or outside as I desired (I used beads of all sizes – they were just what I had.)Then I hand sewed up the open edge to finish.


You can tie it at whatever length you want.

I hope that makes sense Jess?

Joining in with our creative spaces – at it’s new home – check it out!

Jen x

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday : Remix #3

So here we are into the third week of ‘Remix’ month over at Wardrobe Wednesday (hosted by Sailor Spy). If you've been following along with me you will know that each week I’ve been remixing a principals dress.

Here is this weeks instalment:


I found it pretty difficult to take good photos today. I took them a bit earlier than normal and it looks to be a particularly gloriously sunny day. Most of my pics turned out over exposed.

Outfit breakdown: Dress- Principals (tucked in/ worn as a top), black singlet underneath – farmers, skirt- Dotti (a recent birthday buy, Shoes – Rubi, necklace – made by me.

I’m really enjoying the challenge of remixing the same piece a different way each week, it definitely makes you see a lot more potential for everything in your wardrobe.

Apart from the obvious that I’m wearing the dress as a top this week – you might not have noticed that I also decided to tie the tie that normally goes around the back, around the front today. When my kids are playing with toys in different ways I try not to rush in show them the ‘right’ way to do it – I think this really fosters their creativity – so why can’t the same apply to the way we style our clothes?

In case you did see here are the ways I styled this dress in weeks 1 and 2


To see what other ladies are wearing and how they are remixing their wardrobes check out…

Jen x

Monday, 14 May 2012

The winner of my second-hand fabric giveaway is …

Thrifty Gifty! Congratulations! Please email me with your postage address and I will get the fabric out to you ASAP!

And because I can’t seem to handle the thought of a post without a pic, here is a beautiful example of what one can make with vintage sheets…



I wish I could claim this as my handiwork, but alas it is not – original image from here via my pinterest. (Feel free to follow me, if you dare!)

Jen x

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Good stuff (and a bit of drama)

Each year around my birthday I seem to wrangle not just a day of celebrations, but often a week if not an entire month (it kind of morphs with Mother’s day). This year I have been pretty spoilt.

We have just come back from spending almost a week down in Wellington. It was great to stay at my friend Rachelle’s house and to catch up with family. I also have received lots of lovely and thoughtful gifts… and I have a few more things coming in the mail, including this lovely bag which is part of the present from my Dad.


Also, while I was away some lovely (non birthday) things arrived including… this gorgeous elephant from Sleepy Heads which I won from a giveaway on the beetle shack blog.


And while we gone my Mum picked up this lovely photo taken as part of a school fundraiser…


So all in all lots of lovely things… but the last couple of weeks have not been without a fair share of drama.

The summary is that our washing machine broke down and Andrew had a car crash.. within about a week of each other!!!


The positives are:

* We have full car insurance and nobody was hurt in the accident. (biggest positive)

* My Mum is awesome and has been doing all my washing for me.

* Despite almost getting stuck down in Wellington (the car was due to be fixed last Wed but the auto electrician discovered the air bag hadn’t deployed properly requiring new parts to be sources and a whole lot more work), we managed to borrow a car from my brother-in-law, Toby and get back up here to the Hawkes Bay.

* Because we borrowed Toby’s car (which has bigger boot space), we were able to pick up a washing machine the day after our return and save the delivery fee, plus we found one on sale for $200 off.

* The washing machine couldn’t have come at a better time as when we got home on the Friday Isabelle ended up throwing up in her bed. Fortunately though she was fine the next day and also avoided throwing up on her brand new Sleepy Heads elephant (above.)


It’s amazing how much better I feel when I focus on the positives. I wouldn’t mind if our little run of dramas could end now though, but I’m happy for birthday month to continue for a bit longer.

Jen x

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